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Welcome to JG Wellness! 

Are you feeling like crap? Are you struggling to manage your weight? Do you struggle with brain fog, low energy, low libido, body pain, digestive issues or other symptoms that are frustrating you? 


Hi, I am Dr. Jamie Gilliam, founder of JG Wellness. I help you discover the root cause of your symptoms and treat by focusing on total body care using both holistic and conventional care. If you are ready to begin feeling better, book a consult by clicking the link below.


Consults include an evaluation of recent/past labs, health history, medications, supplements, symptoms and lifestyle. If you do not have current labs or require additional labs, we will discuss ordering labs on your consult call. 

To book a consult, click the link below. Consults are $25 and include a full evaluation of recent/past labs, medical history, medications, supplements, symptoms and lifestyle. 

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